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Executive Management 101

Executive Management 101 is a monthly seminar series, internship and investment program that includes monthly team-building and group activities.

Monthly Seminar Series

The seminars, panel discussions and forums focus on the development of communication skills, financial literacy, and leadership goals.


WOMEN DIVINE will create partnerships with various organizations in order to provide internship opportunities. Each young woman will be responsible for completing at least one internship opportunity before high school graduation.

Investment Program

The investment component enforces a sense of ownership through investment. Each student will be responsible for donating to their college fund and is required to a deposit a minimum of $5 a month, which is deposited into a trust account established by WOMEN DIVINE. Upon graduation from high school, we will return each students full contribution to the trust account with a matching contribution in the form of a scholarship to the college or university of their choice.

Our long term goal and commitment to the investment program is to ultimately supply not only a matching contribution, but to provide each student with a full scholarship to the institution of their choice.

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